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Suso is an Internet services company that mainly focuses on website and e-mail hosting and website development. They are the maintainer of this documentation website. The company is based out of Bloomington, Indiana.


For a full description see History of Suso

Suso was started by Mark Krenz in 1997 in his dorm room. He setup a Linux server in order to host the Philip Glass Library, a website that he maintained and needed more space for. On October 31st, 1997 it truely became a shared server when he offered his friend an account. Soon after many friends had accounts and started maintaining their websites there. Features grew quickly and Mark pushed the envelope of what web hosting was. From the beginning he offered no quotas on disk space, which was and continues to be one of Suso's greatest features. At a time when most webhosting accounts only allowed 10MB, some users on Suso used as much as a gigabyte of space.

In 1999, Mark moved from the dorm to his own apartment in downtown Bloomington, where he established a strong wireless connection with Kiva Networking, the company he worked for at the time. This acted as Suso's internet connection for the next three years. In 2002, he and Marina decided to move the Suso servers into a dedicated rack in Kiva's colocation room across the street. This provided Suso with more professional levels or power and network redundancy, and proper cooling. Suso has remained at this location since and grown to many more servers and racks.

In 2004 the company moved into its own offices in downtown Bloomington in Fountain Square Mall.


  • Website hosting
  • E-mail hosting
  • Xen virtual private servers
  • Dedicated servers
  • Interactive website development
  • Linux support
  • Linux computer sales
  • Training

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