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The Philip Glass Library (PGL) was a large website started by Mark Krenz that focused on the 20th century composer Philip Glass. At one point it was the 2nd largest site on the Internet by content and the largest by bytes hosted dedicated to the composer.

The site was started in November of 1996 on Mark's account at Indiana University. The site started growing in content and eventually reached the limit of his 10MB quota account. He approached the dean of students about the quota and he sponsored Mark so that his account quota would be increased to 50MB. The site once again grew, but quickly reached its quota limit again. In 1997, Mark decided that by moving on campus at IU, that he would be able to utilize an ethernet connection in his dorm room to host his own server. He began to learn about the Linux operating system and how to run Apache and other services like e-mail. In August he moved into his room and had the site up and running thereafter. Now he could have a site that was only limited to the size of his 1.6GB drive in his server.

Not long after he setup his server, friends began inquiring about what he was doing. He started giving them accounts on October 31st, 1997 and thus Suso was born. Driven by the frustration of not being able to host large websites on his IU account, from the start he offered people accounts with no disk space quotas. Accounts were only limited by the size of the disk. A tradition of Suso that continues to this day.

In the summer of 1998, Mark released a new version of the PGL with new graphics, a newsgroup article archives of and mp3 files of some of Glass's music.

However, the success of Suso soon captured Mark's attention more than the PGL and he found himself working more on making improvements to the server itself than to the site. So the PGL fell into disrepair and eventually was turned off a few years later. Mark now considers Wikipedia to somewhat take the place of fan sites like the Philip Glass Library was.

The Philip Glass Library was the beginnings of Suso however and even where Suso got its name from, so it is large part of the company's history. Maybe someday we will bring it back online.

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