Suso's domain availability checker

A safer place to check for domain availability. Please only use this website if you want to check if a domain is available. Do not use other websites unless they offer some guarantee that they do not share their domain lookup logs with 3rd parties.

Enter a domain name to check:

Welcome to Suso's safer domain availability checker. This page was created to provide everyone with a safer way to check for domain availability without fear that the query itself will be recorded and used to snatch the domain from you before you can register it.

This page is provided to the public for free as a coutesy of Suso webhosting.

This web application does the following in order to ensure that your domain lookups are kept as private as possible:

If you want more confidence, you are welcome to see the PHP source code for this page. The saferdomainlookup.phps file is a symlink to the actual code file. While unfortunately we can't prove to you that this symlink is there or that we haven't just faked all this. If you are that paranoid, then your best choice is to do your own DNS and Whois queries:

  1. Open up a terminal window or command line application.
  2. Run nslookup -type=ns and if it returns a list of nameservers, then the domain is not available.
  3. If you have Linux, *BSD or Mac OS X, you can run whois

There is one major flaw in this application that we can't get around. It still needs to use the root name servers on the Internet in order to run the query. As of October of 2007, there was rumour that Verisign might be selling the 'no domain' queries to the root server to domain squaters and domain tasters. We consider this a huge violation of privacy because if this were true, there would be no way to not have your domain queries logged.